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Aerospatiale-British Aerospace Concorde
The World's Fastest Airplanes
Concorde Specifications
History of Concorde
Concorde VS F-15 Eagle
The World's Fastest Airplanes
Concorde Paris Crash
Current locations of the Concorde fleet
Concorde Exterior Images
Concorde Interior Images
Concorde Videos

The Concorde is a very fast plane, but it is not the fastest. The fastest plane in the world is the NASA X-15 rocket-powered plane.
Aerospatiale-British Aerospace Concorde
Max speed: 2179 km/h
Range: 6580 km
Built in: 1963
Mcdonnell-Douglas F-15 Eagle
Max speed: 3016 km/h
Max range: 5551 km
Built in: 1972
Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird
Max speed: 3200 km/h
Max range: 3200 km
Built in: 1966
Max speed: 6603 km/h
Max range: 442 km
Built in: 1968