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Aerospatiale-British Aerospace Concorde
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Concorde VS F-15 Eagle
The World's Fastest Airplanes
Concorde Paris Crash
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Most modern commercial airliners are very big, such as the Boeing 747 or the upcoming Airbus A380. The Aerospatiale-British Aerospace Concorde is very, very fast. So fast, in fact, that it can give some fighter jets a run for their money. The Concorde has a top speed of 2180 km/h, or mach 2.04. It is the world's only supersonic passenger airliner.
Well, it was the world's only supersonic passenger airliner. The Concorde went out of service in 2003, after 25 years of commercial flights. This was partly due to a crash which killed all of the passengers and crew, and partly due to the September 11 attacks. After September 11, not many people flew on Concorde, as well as after the Concorde crash, which was shown on international television.
The Concorde had also become far too expensive to run. The 20 remaining Concordes are now housed in airplane museums around the world.